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Trading – Buy & Sell

How to use Stop-Limit on Binance

April 14, 2018

Most people begin with trading with either “Market” or “Limit” where you can buy for market price or set up a specific price at which you’re interested in buying or selling. Binance, recently added this extra feature – “Stop-Limit“. It is a great tool to help traders to avoid losses major losses and also secure an entry-point you are […]

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Trading on Binance

April 13, 2018

Trading on Binance can be overwhelming for the new comers. Below are steps by steps guide on how to use  its features and trade cryptocurrency/altcoins on Binance

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Trading on Gemini

March 29, 2018

Gemini only trades USD, BTC or ETH. The trading interface is really easy to use, and it has a simplified design that makes learning how to place orders a breeze.

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